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September 16, 2021
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Fine Fenestrations
by Joey Bokor

Usually, we don't want holes in leaves. That's a sure sign that an insect is chewing away, having themselves a tasty treat. Why then are we so allured by houseplants that have holes in their leaves? And why are they there anyways?

Those holes are naturally occurring, and they are there for a reason. You often find them on vining or climbing plants like philodendrons and monsteras. As these plants climb up trees in a jungle, the fenestrations allow for light to penetrate to lower leaves that way the plant can continue to make food up and down its vines.

And while it is a natural part of the plants, for us, we get to enjoy the unique look and fun patterns that the holes create. It's especially funny when a plant like the Monstera Adansonii grows stems through its own leaves. If we catch them early enough we try to separate them, but sometimes once grown in you just have to leave them and let them fight their way through it.

I'm always amazed at the plant world. Whenever there is a challenge, such as too little light, plants find a way to solve it. Which fine fenestrated friend is your favorite?

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