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October 14, 2021
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Introducing Teaching Tuesday
by Joey Bokor

We want you to succeed with your houseplants, that's why we're launching #TeachingTuesday on Facebook and Instagram. Every Tuesday, we'll give care tips and fun facts about some of our favorite plants. We hope you'll follow us to see the posts each week and hopefully learn something that will make you a better plant parent. Below is the info we shared this week.

Peperomia Mini Watermelon
Peperomia verschaffeltii

- Loves medium to bright indirect light..
- When inside and given proper conditionns, they have a lower watering requirement than other plants. Water throughly until water is coming out of the drainage holes when the few inches of soil dry out.
- Peperomias are safe for pets! That meaans, if your pet ingest some leaves, they should be fine.
- Unlike some variegated plants, this Peeperomia has consistent variegation, which means each leaf should feature two-toned stripes (along with its natural sparkle).
- Peperomia verschaffeltii is native to the Amazon in South America. There, they thrive under trees where it's warm and shady, so make sure to give your peperomia some humidity!

Have any questions? We'd love to answer them. You can ask via e-mail: or by messaging or commenting on Facebook and Instagram. Don't miss the restock today at noon EST and have a great week having fun with your plants!

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