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November 11, 2021
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Think Vertical
by Joey Bokor

Lots of houseplants are great for styling a table or shelf, but what do you do when you want something tall to fill up a blank wall or a corner. You could just plant a fiddle leaf fig in a big pot and watch it grow. That's boring though. Our favorite way to fill in vertical spaces is to let our favorite climbing plants do the work.

Some of the coolest houseplants are climbers like philodendrons, monstera, and pothos. In nature, these plants would have raced up the nearest tree, looking for sunlight and nutrients. We can use their natural tendencies by giving them something to grow up.

The best option for getting your plants to head skyward is a moss pole, which is a wooden stake, wrapped with moss or in the case of the ones we carry coconut fiber. This recreates an environment similar to what the plants would find as they grow up trees, including allowing roots to take hold and find some nutrient and water.

The great thing is that the plants do most of the work. They naturally want to grow upwards, and the only thing you'll have to do is occasionally tie the plant on or direct a misbehaving stem into the spot you want it. So, don't be afraid to think vertical and let your favorite climbing plants fill your home with lots of lush foliage.

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