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March 17, 2022
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Derailed Adventure
by Joey Bokor

Last fall, I finally retired the Iron Horse, my trusty bike that has been with me since college. After more than 25 years, I finally got a bike that is a little lighter, actually has suspension, and sports beefier tires. I haven't had as many opportunities as I would like to ride over the past few months, but in recent weeks, I've carved out some time to do something for me. Going biking is a great way to relieve some stress and clear my head.

This week I went out to a park in our area to really put my bike through its paces. I know what you are thinking - there can't be much true mountain biking in Florida, but this park has a plethora of hills, rocks, roots, logs, drops, and jumps. And man was it fun. I warmed up on a few of the easier trails and then headed over to one named Rollercoaster. At some point on the trail, I had a decision to make. Mountain bike trails are labeled like ski runs: green, blue, black diamond and double black diamond, with green being the easiest and double black diamond being Watch Out. Anyways, this black diamond trail named Derailed forked off of the trail I was on. I was feeling good, so I said to myself 'Why Not'.

I probably should have thought twice about going on a trail named Derailed. I had a couple of good minutes going up and down, twisting and turning, and then on one of the downhills, my front wheel slipped, and I pitched hard off of my bike and took the full impact on my shoulder. Ouch. After my spill, all I could hear my girls' voices from that morning telling me not to break a leg, and I did at least live up to that promise. I managed to pick myself up, walked a bit to shake it off and then rode the remainder of Rollercoaster to get back to my car. I knew something wasn't right with my shoulder and as it turns out I broke my collarbone and separated a tendon or ligament in the area as well. And now I'm off the bike for a while and having to put a variety of projects on hold. Kim says it's a pretty extreme way of getting a day off. The girls, I'm sure, will be more careful with how they wish me luck next time, including all bones, not just my legs.

But don't worry - a little thing like a broken bone won't stop us from getting your new plant babies to you. With the weather warming up all over the country, it's time to start watching all of our plants put on new flushes of growth as Mother Nature brings us more sun and takes the cold away. And with spring in full swing here in Florida, we've got lots of new arrivals for you in today's restock. Remember that all plants go live at noon EST. Happy Planting and Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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