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January 27, 2022
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Happy Houseplants in Winter
by Joey Bokor

It's cold in Florida. I won't even tell you what the actual temperature is, because you'd just laugh and tell me how much colder it is where you live. I get it - I have thin blood. That's what happens when you've spent the better part of 45 years in the Sunshine State. Suffice it to say that I've started each day this week with 5 layers on, complete with gloves and a winter hat.

With it so cold outside, you're probably spending lots of time indoors and hopefully you are enjoying some quality time with your plants. To keep all of your plants in great shape through the winter, we've got some tips below to keep your houseplants happy and healthy through this cold season of the year. Happy Planting!

Tips for Keeping Houseplants Happy in the Winter

Humidity - Warm homes are dry homes, especially in areas where your heaters are working overtime. If you've got lots of plants, it may be worth investing in a humidifier for them, but if you want to keep it simple, clustering plants together, using a humidity tray (saucer filled with gravel and water), or even bringing plants into a bathroom or kitchen to let them soak up the additional moisture in the air can help keep them happy through this dry part of winter. Remember that most houseplants are native to jungles and rainforests where the humidity is quite high.

Modify Watering Schedules - In the winter, with cooler temperatures and lower light levels, plants will use a little less water, so be sure to check the soil on your plants before you water them. Stick your finger into the soil to check below the surface for moisture. If it's dry, give your plants a drink.

Changing Sunlight - In my house, when winter comes, certain chairs in our living room are suddenly inundated with sunlight because of the changing position of the sun. Watch how that light affects your plants as well and move those that seem to be in need of a little more light.

No Drafts - With heaters running and windy days outside, watch for drafts in your home near windows and doors. Both the dry, cold air seeping in from outside or the intense air coming from a heater can make a plant unhappy.

Keep those houseplants happy this winter, and if you want to add something new, check out the new arrivals, going live at 12pm EST.


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